Polyster Capacitor kit 660ps 0.22nF---470nF



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30ps 0.22nF

30ps 0.33nF

30ps 0,47nF

30ps 0,56nF

30ps 0.68nF

30ps 1nF

30ps 2.2nF

30ps 3nF

30ps 3.3nF

30ps 3.9nF

30ps 4.7nF

30ps 6.8nF

30ps 10nF

30ps 15nF

30ps 22nF

30ps 33nF

30ps 39nF

30ps 47nF

30ps 68nF

30ps 82nF

30ps 100nF

30ps 150nF

30ps 220nF

30ps 470nF


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