3D Scanner Board Kit Ciclop Expansion Board

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  • Thermal shutdown circuitry.
  • Load short-circuit protection.
  • Ground fault protection.

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The Presale 3D Scanner Board Kit Ciclop Expansion Board is a powerful shield compatible with the Arduino UNO board. This shield is used to power control stepper motors using A4988 or DRV8825 Motor Driver Module, laser modules and LDR sensors. The board has a 12V DC power jack which provides supply to the motors. The design is based on the Arduino CNC Shield. This electronic board has been designed to be used in 3D scanners, 3D Printers. Although Ciclop uses one stepper motor and two laser modules, ZUM SCAN allows you to control up to two stepper motors, four laser modules, and two LDR sensors. The shield can thus be used with other versions and future evolutions of this 3D scanner.

Features: Thermal shutdown circuitry. Ground fault protection. Load short-circuit protection.


Package Includes 1 x Presall 3D Scanner Board Kit Ciclop Expansion Board.

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