4-color LED source

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  • Ideal for photosynthesis labs
  • Compatible with bioreactors
    The source adapts perfectly to your bioreactor and allows efficient lighting of the reaction chamber.
    For your classic photosynthesis manipulations, the powerful white LED will facilitate implementation and make your results more reliable by avoiding any excessive heating.
    3 other LEDs: red, green and blue, are also available to study the influence of the wavelength of light on photosynthetic intensity.

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High school theme Photosynthesis
Product typology Ex.AO

Other Features

4-color LED lighting (white, red, green, blue)
Emission wavelengths: red: 624 nm, green: 527 nm, blue: 470 nm
Colour selection by switch
Supplied with a reflecting mirror to be inserted into the compartment opposite of the bioreactor
12 V – 0.5 A power supply supplied

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