Abilix Krypton 8

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it is a set consisting of 1122 blocks to create up to 50 different robots. Playing with Krypton series Abilix blocks develops creativity and logical thinking, and teaches programming in 4 languages: Abilix Drag&Drop, Scratch, Flow-chart and C++. Each robot connects to the application via the built-in Wi-Fi module. Robots can be construed with the help of a guide available from a modern, multimedia and extremely intuitive 3D application. In addition to the “step by step” building instructions, it also contains an example program and a set of activities that can be undertaken by the machines. Due to numerous possibilities of configuring the appearance and programming behaviour of Abilix blocks playing with them never becomes boring.

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  • Number of blocks: 1122
  • Sensors: 21 (7 x grey scale, 2 x collision, 2 x distance,
  • 1 x colour, 1 x camera, built-in the controller: 1 x gyroscope, 1 x compass, 1 x microphone, built in the engines: 5 x position detection)
  • Engines: 5 pieces 2 x big drive engine, 3 x small drive engine
  • 1 x LED, 2 x loudspeaker
  • Controller with ARM Cortex 1.3 GHz processor
  • A colourful, 1.5-inch touch control screen with 320×320 resolution
  • Power supply: battery 1500 mAh. Charger included
  • WiFi
  • Interactive application “Abilix Krypton-Todays Future” on IOS and Android
  • Possibility to program in 3 languages: Abilix Drag&Drop, Abilix SCRATCH, Abilix Flow-Chart, C

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