Abilix Robot Krypton 0

960 ر.ق

  • Different learning modules Different instructions
  • Find out how easy it is to collect, this is in this way of construction and programming experience
  • Training In the case of krypton 0, it is a robot, so it is programmed
  • Multiple learning modules Robotor has a wide variety of learning modules
  • Krypton 0 contains more than 409 components! Among other things, with motors, acoustic speakers, Wi-Fi connection and several sensors and offers 19 learning modules

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Design, construct and program robots easily with sensors,
actuators, complete brick sets and a powerful Brain D controller
(4 sensors ports, 2 motor ports).

Powerful Programmable Brain-D Controller

Main components:
1 touch sensor
1 grayscale sensor
2 small motors
1 built-in speaker

Totally 409 parts
19 guided construction projects including:
Alien watcher
Big eyes baby robot
Little drummer

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