Adjustable DC-DC Step Down (Buck) Converter (3A) LM2596

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  • Input voltage range: DC 3.2V to 35V (input voltage must be higher than the voltage output to 1.5V or more can not be boosted.)
  • Output: 1.25V to 30V DC voltage is continuously adjustable, high efficiency and maximum output current of 3A.
  • All solid capacitors using SANYO
  • 36u thick circuit boards
  • High-Q inductors with high power output LED indicator

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Type: LM2596S DC-DC Buck Converter
Input Voltage: 3V-35V
Output Voltage: 1.25V-35V
Output Current: 3A Max
Transfer Efficiency: 92% Max
Output Ripple: Less than 30mV
Switch Frequency: 65KHz
Work Temperature: -45 to +85 degree Celsius
Size: 43x21x14mm (LxWxH)
Quantity: 2pcs

1. Input and output cannot be reversed, or it will burn the module.
2. Input voltage much be more than 1.5V higher than output voltage. Can not used to boost voltage.
3. After wire connection, first to turn a dozen times, then adjust the voltage by anticlockwise rotation.
4. It is recommended to use within 2.5A current for long time work, and need to add heat sink if the current exceeds 2A(output above 10W).

Wire Connection:
1. Solder, weld the power cord directly to the input (output) port.
2. Welding Pin, can insert the pin with lead wire or insert into PCB, or welding on the PCB directly with pin.

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