Air Quality Sensor (MQ-135)

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  • High-quality dual-panel design with power indicator and TTL signal output indication.
  • TTL output valid signal is low level, (output low signal light, which can be accessed microcontroller IO port).
  • Analogue output with increasing concentration, the higher the concentration, the higher the voltage.
  • A hazardous gas detection apparatus for the family, the environment. Suitable for ammonia, aromatic compounds, sulfur, benzene vapour, and other gases harmful gas detection. Gas-sensitive element test concentration range: 10 to 1000ppm.
  • Long service life, stable and reliable. Has fast response and recovery features.

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The gas-sensitive material used in the MQ135 gas sensor is tin dioxide (SnO2) with low conductivity in clean air. When there is a polluting gas in the environment, the conductivity in the sensor increases with the concentration of polluted gas in the air. The change in conductivity can be converted to an output signal corresponding to the gas concentration using a simple circuit.

Size:32* 20* 22mm (L*W*H)
Input voltage: DC5V
Power consumption ( current ): 150mA
DO output: TTL digital 0 and 1 ( 0.1 and 5V)
AO output :0.1-0 .3 V ( relative to pollution ) , the maximum concentration of a voltage of about 4V

After the sensor is powered, needs to warm up around the 20S, measured data was stable, heat sensor is a normal phenomenon, because the internal heating wire if hot is not normal.
The installation of electronic modules requires basic knowledge and requires a certain electronic professional foundation and hands-on ability. Please purchase carefully!
Manual measurement, with small error. Please check the size in detail before purchasing.
Real colours may slightly differ from the pictures, as it depends on specific monitor settings and light brightness.


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