BBC Micro:bit V2.0 Board for Coding and Programming

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  • microbit V2.0 is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning and teaching easy and fun!
  • Addition of the speaker and microphone: Same great features are easier ways to use sound and touch to get creative in the classroom.
  • Wireless Communication, via Radio and Bluetooth
  • Onboard: 25 individually programmable LEDs, 2 programmable buttons, Light and temperature sensors, Motion sensors (accelerometer and compass)
  • Tips: (1)Only BBC micro: bit motherboard, Not includes Micro USB Cable and Battery Holder!!! If it is used in the classroom, it is recommended to choosing a slightly longer Micro USB cable.

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We are really excited to announce the launch of the latest BBC micro:bit —micro:bit V2 board (Not Include Micro USB Cable)

microbit kit

ELECFREAKS is an official Partner of micro:bit Educational Foundation focusing on developing educational and creative micro:bit accessories for the world. We devote to providing the most complete and excellent products and services to our customers. We have created tutorial blogs, learning materials, videos and fun case studies as part of building global micro:bit communities in education.

You have all obviously been listening to the community the addition of the speaker and mic is a gamechanger.

microbit kit

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NOTE micro:bit is not included micro:bit is not included micro:bit is not included micro:bit is not included micro:bit is not included micro:bit is not included
Suitable Age 6+ 7+ 8+ 7+ 8+ 10+
Characteristic Wearable Cute and High Speed Large and Cool Manual Installation Create your Smart Home Electronic Circuit Learning
Wiki Tutorial

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