Datalogger Airnext with Pod Data Reader

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Material type Packs
Use Mobile

Composed of a console and 2 pods, you just need to insert a sensor (not supplied) in each pod to take your first measurements.

Connect the console to a computer and the Atelier Scientifique software starts automatically without prior installation.

Very handy, the pod can also be used as a stand-alone measuring instrument thanks to the sensors with display.


– 1 AirNeXT ® console ref. 486000
– 1 mobile Scientific Workshop software
– 1 on-board PC
Scientific Workshop software – 1 on-board SVT Scientific Workshop software
– 1/2 AirNeXT ® pods ref. 486001
– 1 AirNeXT ® single power supply (for console and pod) ref. 281213
– 1 implementation booklet

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