Hot Melt Glue Gun 100w + 6 Sticks Qatar

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  • Best Gun – This Gun is Energy Efficient and is Very Safe to use. The Trigger provides Convenience to Control the Flow of Glue, no Need to Switch OFF again and again.
  • Electric Gun – This Gun is very useful, you can Repair any of your Broken Items with it. Use it for Quick Emergency Repairs on Wood, Glass, Cards, Fabric, Plastics, Ceramics & More. It’s a Money Saver.
  • Safe & Secure Gun – This Gun comes with a nozzle, that makes it easier and safer for daily use.
  • Multiple Use Gun – You can use this Gun for all bonding jobs like Toys & Models, Furniture, Artificial Flowers, Wood Working, Decorations, Card Board and Many More.
  • Easy to carry Gun – This Gun is Light Weight and Compact, you can easily carry it anywhere.

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Hot Glue Gun: Your New Secret Weapons for Arts & Crafts and Quick, Easy Patch-ups!

Many Cool Things You Can Do with A Hot Glue Gun

1. DIY creative birthday gifts for the one you love

2. Secure picture frame onto wall without nails

3. Create a seal

4. Assemble small models

5. Waterproof LED lights

6. Fix sandals, toys, loose desk legs, loose desk drawer, etc.

7. More purposes of the glue gun can be found on the internet and in your mind

Corded Glue Gun

Hot Melt Glue Gun 100w + 6 Sticks Qatar

Why Hot Glue Gun?

Are you looking for a glue or gum that can be used to secure your wooden furniture or even the fabric cover of your cushions? Then you must pick a hot glue gun. Hot glue guns are convenient and have multipurpose use. Hot glue guns use hot melt adhesive to glue any surface together. And since they use thermoplastic adhesive, they are a lot more effective than normal glue. Fadman tool brings you the Mini glue gun which is easy to use and extremely effective on different kind of surfaces. Own a Fadman hot melt glue gun and experience the difference.

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