Pod AirNeXT for Datalogger Qatar

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  • Ultra-versatile
  • Robust and handy
  • Can be used as a measuring instrument
  • PLC mode for recordings over several days

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The pod is used to scan and transmit data to the AirNeXT ® console. Each console can receive data from 16 pods simultaneously with perfect synchronization between measurements. Equipped with a long-lasting battery, it can be used as a measuring instrument using the sensors with display.
Thanks to its integrated memory, it can also record values ​​in complete autonomy for several days.A secure system
Each pod has an obstacle-free range of 100 meters to guarantee you unique experiences.
However, if the connection were to be interrupted, a data storage system inside the pod prevents any loss of data. When the connection is reestablished, the data is automatically sent to the console and displayed on the screen.An innovative measurement mode
The battery contained in the pod, coupled with the integrated memory, allows experiments to be carried out in total autonomy over several days, without a console or computer. Each measurement is recorded in the pod. At the end of the experiment, you recover your data quickly thanks to the wireless connection.

Direct reading of the measurement on the sensor
The sensors have a display to directly read the measured value. They are compatible with Tooxy ® and Foxxy ® and transform your pod into a multimeter with a battery. Thanks to the wide range of sensors, you have a complete set of measuring devices.

Practical and handy
The small footprint of the pod associated with wireless technology, allows you to take precise measurements wherever you want. On the bench, each pod is easily placed around the experiment, which simplifies the implementation and secures the installation.

Material type Pod
Use Mobile

Other Features

LED status indicator
Internal memory : 100,000 measurements maximum
Battery: Lithium polymer
Autonomy: more than 4 hours
Power supply: Nominal voltage: 12 V, Nominal power: 15 W

Delivered alone without power supply (compatible with console power supply unit)

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