Red Dot Matrix Module (MAX7219) Qatar

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  • Driver: MAX7219
  • 4 (8×8) Dot matrix chained together
  • Controlled using 3 pins
  • Dot colour: RED

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Module parameters:
1. A single module can drive an 8×8 common cathode array
2. Module working voltage: 5V
3. Module size: Length 5″ x Width 1.3″ x Height 0.5″
4. With 16 screw fixing holes, 3mm opening.
5. Module with input and output interface, support multiple modules in cascade
6. Color: red.

Wiring instructions:
1. The left side of the module is the input port, and the right side is the output port.
2. When controlling a single module, you only need to connect the input port to the CPU.
3. When multiple modules are cascaded, the input of the first module is connected to the CPU, the output is connected to the input of the second module, the output of the second module is connected to the input of the third module, and so on.
Take 51 MCU as an example:
VCC → 5V
DIN → P2.2.
CS → P2.1
CLK → P2.0

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