Reversible demonstration alternator generator model Demonstration reversible alternator

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  • A clever device for understanding the operating principle of an alternator and the production of an alternating current

Non-slip stops (4 per tray).
Spool holder tray.
Opening to maintain movement with a pen (1 per plate).
Connection sockets for UME eco LED for signal visualization when the spool plate is rotated.
2 diametrically opposed magnets whose poles attract each other.
Lateral sockets for signal evaluation when rotating the magnet plate.
Rotation axis on ball bearing.
Magnet holder plate.

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College theme Electricity
Themes Electricity production / direct and alternating current
Type of product Alternators / generators

Other Features

Base: Transparent polycarbonate, mounted on high-quality ball bearings.
Coil: 650 mH.
Magnets: ferrite.
Connection: Ø 4 mm safety socket with a pitch of 38 mm compatible with UME eco dipoles.
Supplied with an unprotected red eco LED UME.
Dimensions: Ø 95 mm, H. 75 mm.


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