Ripple Tank 220V Ultrasound Device

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The ripple tank makes displays the form, diffuse, reflex, and diffraction of the wave by use of the projection of the water wave.

Structure Principle

The outline structure as the picture: The ripple tank consists of a mainframe, power pack, screen, Reflective mirror, sink, connecting rod, vibration source, stroboscopic lamp and etc.


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Sink: Consist of a black basin with sealed transparent bottom.

Mainframe: the sink is on top of the metal frame, the front side is a wave projection screen, inside there has a power pack, at the back, there is a connecting rod and a light source above on it. Draw out the holder when using, the vibration rang is adjustable.

Vibration source: working by a way of electric magnetization. The vibration source consists of an electric magnet, potentiometer, stick shaker, vibrator, the mainboard. The Hz of the mainboard can be adjusted by vibrator. And achieve the best definition by adjusting the screw of the swing.

4.Light source: It’s Mechanistic occlusion light, halogen lamp12V 100W.

5.Vibration Accessory: consist of a single vibrator, double vibrator, plane wave vibrator, and stop plate.


1.Power: 220V/50Hz

2.Voltage: DC12V±5%

3.LED lamp: 12V/10W

4.Temperature: 4℃~45℃ humidity 85HR


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