Seism Sensor

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  • Economical and practical sensor
  • Immediate implementation
  • Clear and rapid use of results with the tools of the Scientific Workshop

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This earthquake sensor allows, only by placing it, to measure the wave generated by a shock or by a mechanical rupture. It is directly recognized by the Scientific Workshop, so you can easily create curves that can be used by the student.

Associated with the “Seismic and temperature” model ref. 507 043, you will determine if the temperature has an influence on the propagation of the seismic wave.
By using the Sismo sensor together with a temperature sensor ref. 482 101, you will highlight the difference in speed of the seismic wave according to the temperature of the support.

With 2 Sismo sensors or a Sismo sensor and a Synchro adapter ref. 482,062, you will highlight the offset between the 2 signals, and you will calculate the speed of the wave. It is then possible to compare the results obtained for different materials.

The tools included in the Scientific Workshop allow rapid and clear exploitation of the results.

Works with a Tooxy ®, Foxy ®, or AirNeXT ® ExAO console.


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