Servomotor 9G SG90 Qatar

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Servomotor 9G SG90 Qatar

  • Servomotor 9G SG90 Qatar for remote control helicopters, microrobot, robot arm, and boats. Fit for ALL kinds of R/C Toys and also make electronics DIY based on compatibility for Arduino, Raspberry Pi
  • The SG90 mini servo motor is lightweight, high-quality, and lightning-fast. The servo is designed to work with almost all radio control systems.
  • SG90 Micro Servo Motor compatible for Mini Arduino Servo SG90 9g Servo Kit for RC Helicopter Airplane Car Boat Robot Arm/Hand/Walking/Servo Door Lock Control with Cable
  • The SG90 has 3 wire interfaces in which the connections should be made as follows: Red wire-5V, Brown Wire-Ground, Yellow wire-digital pin 9.
  • Stall Torque (4.8V): 17.5oz /in (1kg/cm); Operating voltage: 3.0V~ 6V; Temperature range: -30 to +60; Dead band width: 7usec.

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