Smart Robot Car Kit Including UNO R3 Ultrasonic Sensor Bluetooth Module for Arduino

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Main Feature:
1. KUONGSHUN Smart Robot Car Kit is designed for hobbyists or beginners to have hands-on experience of Arduino programming, electronics assembly and robotics knowledge
2. This kit includes HC- ultrasonic sensor SR04, infrared barrier, L293D motor drive board, 9g micro servo motor, line tracking module and Bluetooth module, etc. Easy to use and install
3. Working modes: infrared/ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, infrared object tracking, infrared line tracking, ultrasonic with servo obstacle avoidance (detection in forward, left and right directions)
4. App control: auto-built signal hotspot automatically after power on, the user just need to connect the smartphone to the car hotspot to control the car through Android APP.

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5. CD with the best tutorial including the programs and codes which bring you into the world of robot cars.

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Product Description:

1pcs UNO R3 1pcs
USB cable 1pcs
V5.0 expansion board
1pcs L298N motor driver board 1pcs
Ultrasonic sensor 1pcs
ultrasonic bracket
1pcs sarvo motor 1pcs
Bluetooth module 1pcs
IR receiver
Line tracking module 3pcs
4pcs motor
1pcs remote
1pcs charger
1pcs cell box 2pcs
4pcs impeller
8pcs screws (long)
38pcs screws (short)
4pcs aluminium block
6pcs copper cylinder 6pcs
screws in copper
20 pcs Dupont wires
1 pcs CD with tutorial


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