Spectrovio II Physics-Chemistry spectrophotometer without opening cover

8960 ر.ق

  • Versatile and multilevel
  • Accurate: resolution less than 1nm, separation of the mercury doublet
  • Efficient: spectral range from 360 to 900 nm
  • Easy to use: complete “Plug and Measure” training software
  • Robust: all-metal housing
  • Complete ready-to-use pack

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The Spectrovio2 fiber-optic spectrophotometer is a measuring device specially designed for education.

Ready to use, it allows physics and chemistry experiments to be carried out for all levels:
– emission spectra of light sources,
– study of filters,
– absorption spectrum in chemistry,
– Beer-Lambert law (determination of the concentration of an unknown solution),
– kinetics.

Very easy to use with its intuitive integrated software, you have a unique and educational environment for viewing, measuring, comparing, using data, and producing reports.
“Plug and Measure” just connect the device to a computer and the software starts automatically.
Point the optical fiber at a light source and you will get its emission spectrum in real-time.
A tab system by experience guides the user in his practical work and allows the piloting of the acquisition.
The results can be viewed in the form of superimposable curves, line spectra, or spreadsheet mode.
Many graphics and processing functions are available (zoom, pointer, tangent plot, etc.).
All the elements can be used for drafting the report.

To allow you to keep your hands free during the experiments a fiber-on-rod holder is provided.

allows you to carry out filter studies and chemistry labs.
Equipped with a low-consumption LED source, it accepts 10 x 10 mm spectrophotometry cuvettes and up to 2 filters in a slide or token format diam. 40 mm.
Thanks to its magnetic metal case, it attaches directly to the spectrometer by simple magnetic contact.


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