Spectrum Tube Single Power Supply

1400 ر.ق

With an ultra-safe, patent-pending design, this spectrum tube power supply will provide a simple means of viewing gas discharge spectral lines with any of our spectrometers. Unlike other designs, this system has no exposed high voltage.

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The gas tubes are permanently enclosed in plastic carriers that protect the tubes from breakage. There are no through-the-glass electrodes, so the tubes last far longer than older designs. The Power Supply will energize one tube at a time and includes storage space for an additional six tubes.

A Spectrum Tube Fiber Optic Holder is included to hold an optical fiber cable in position.

Spectrum Tubes

Each spectrum tube is sold separately.

  • Air Spectrum Tube
  • Argon Spectrum Tube
  • Carbon Dioxide Spectrum Tube
  • Helium Spectrum Tube
  • Hydrogen Spectrum Tube
  • Neon Spectrum Tube
  • Nitrogen Spectrum Tube


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