Step Up Power Module 3-6v 400KV Qatar

20 ر.ق

input Voltage: DC 3V to 6V

Input current: 2 A – 5 A

High-pressure type: the pulse current type

Output voltage: 400000 v (Please pay attention to safety)

High-pressure discharge distance between 10mm – 20mm

The output high voltage wire length: 100mm

Input power cord length: 100mm (Red line is positive)

Wiring: red and green power connection red line: “+” green line “-“

Output: the other side, same colour cable

Size: 24x22x63mm

Availability: 3 in stock

Note: The high voltage module should avoid the use of high voltage electricity without load.
(The power supply should be adjusted to an appropriate distance from the high voltage output line, the battery capacity is
proportional to the distance and the use of high-pressure arc (not as high voltage as possible,
You need to supply enough current). Experimental short arc distance test
Too long, do not exceed the maximum arc distance of electricity, energy cannot be released due to
High pressure, can easily damage the module.)
Work: Intermittent and continuous work does not allow more than one minute, and the output side does not
Allow a short circuit. Incorrect voltage and long working hours easily damage the module.

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