Variable Power SUPPLY QS305 (M10-QS SERIES)

1500 ر.ق

. 16 hours continuously output with a full load
. Overvoltage protection & preset function
. Current preset function
. USB power output (5V/2A)
. Constant voltage and constant current
. Low ripple and noise
. CV/CC auto-switching
. 3 digits LED display (4 digits LED display is optional)

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Line Regulation: CV ≤5×10-4 + 3mV (M10-QS3010, M10-QS3020, M10-QS3030, M10-QS6010, M10-QS6020)

≤1×10-4 + 3mV (other models)

CC ≤4×10-3 +3mA (M10-QS3010, M10-QS3020, M10-QS3030, M10-QS6010,  M10-QS6020)
≤2×10-3 +3mA (other models)
Loading Effect: CV

≤5×10-4 + 3mV (output current≤10A)
≤1×10-3 + 3mV (output current>10A)

(M10-QS3010, M10-QS3020, M10-QS3030, M10-QS6010,  M10-QS6020)


≤1×10-4 + 3mV (output current≤3A)
≤2×10-4 + 3mV (3A≤output current<10A)

(other models)

.Ripple & Noise:

1.5mV (rms) (M10-QS3010, M10-QS3020, M10-QS3030, M10-QS6010,  M10-QS6020)

1mV (rms) (other models)

.Display Accuracy: ±0.5%Rdg+2digits
.Input Voltage: 110~127VAC±10%, 220~240VAC±10%  Switchable


Model Voltage Current Over voltag
protection & preset
Dimensions(LxWxD) Weight (kg)
M10-QS305 0~30V 0~5A 130x165x320mm 6

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