Voltage Sensor TRMS

1065 ر.ق

  • 4 ratings ranging from 0.1 to 50 V
  • Instantaneous or true effective measurement: TRMS
  • Color buttons linked to the screen colors

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This voltmeter sensor realizes instantaneous and true effective differential voltage measurement via 2 sockets (1 red and 1 black) of 4 mm safety.
The measurement can be read directly on the sensor. This use is very practical for carrying out a simple measurement or control.
4 calibers are available for multiple uses: connection of a microphone, study of Ohm’s law …

Works with an ExAO Tooxy ®, Foxy ®, or AirNeXT ® console.


High school interface type Foxy / AirNeXT
Material type Sensors

Other Features

– Measurement in instantaneous mode.
– Measurement in TRMS mode.
Ratings: ± 0.1 V, ± 2.5 V, ± 15 V, ± 50 V.

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