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31 In 1 Multifunctional Screwdriver

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Material:54# steel
Weight: 150G
Dimensions: Height 5.2 x Bottom Diameter 2 (in)
Products include:
31 different types of 54# steel blades, Specifications:



🟌 T6,


🟌 T9,

🟌 T10,

🟌 T15,

🟌 T20 ,

⬢H1.5, ⬢ H2, ⬢ H2.5, ⬢ H3, ⬢H4, ⊖1.5 , ⊖2.0, ⊖2.5, ⊖3.0,
⊖3.5, ⊖4.0, ◉1.0, U2.6, ✇Y3.0, ▲3.0, ✪2.0, PH1, PH2, PH0, PH00, PH000 .
Sturdy and practical, the bit surface is electroplated to prevent rust and corrosion.
Non-slip handle, comfortable rubber particle touch handle, made of ABS, and the
handle is magnetic, which can easily magnetically attract screws. Prevent screws from
slipping and losing. It is suitable for dismantling, installation and maintenance of
small precision screws in various mobile phones, notebook computers, tablet computers,
toys, cameras, glasses, game consoles, jewelry, precision testing equipment and
various household appliances The mini screwdriver set is packaged in a
pagoda-style plastic storage box about 13cm high and 5.5cm wide. It's small and
beautiful, easy to carry and store, helps keep your screwdriver organized,
and is easier to put in a bag for your convenience