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4/12/16/20 Key 1*4/3*4/4*4/4*5 Membrane Switch Keypad

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1x4 matrix keyboard:
Pad Size: 68*20mm
Total Length: 107mm

3x4 matrix keyboard:
Pad Size: 69.2 x 76.9 x 0.8mm
Cable Length: 3-1/3" or 86mm
Connector: Dupont 7 pins, 0.1" (2.54mm) Pitch
Max. Circuit Rating: 35VDC, 100mA
Insulation Spec.: 100M Ohm, 100V
Dielectric Withstand: 250VRms (60Hz, 1min)
Contact Bounce: ≤5ms
Life Expectancy: 1 million closures
Operation Temperature: -20 to +40 °C

4x4 matrix keyboard:
Contact resistance: 500
Insulation resistance:100M
Key Operating Force 150-200N
Life of 100 million (times)
Circuit Rating: 35V (DC), 100mA, 1W
Contact Resistance: 10 ~ 500
Insulation Resistance: 100M 100V
Dielectric Strength: 250VRms (50 ~ 60Hz 1min)
Electric Shock jitter: <5ms
Life Span: tactile type: one million times
Operating Pressure: Touch feeling: 170 ~ 397g (6 ~ 14oz)
Switch Travel: touch-type: 0.6 ~ 1.5mm
Operating temperature: -40 to +80
Storage temperature: -40 to +80
Temperature: from 40,90% to 95%, 240 hours
Vibration: 20G, max. (10 ~~ 200Hz, the Mil-SLD-202 M204.Condition B)

4x5 matrix keyboard:
Panel Size: 75*85mm.
Length: 18CM.
Insulation Resistance:100M Ω 100V.
Withstand Voltage:250V Rms.(50-60Hz lmin)
Storage Temperature: +15°- +35°.
Storage Humidity:70-90.