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4 Channel key output reciver With Remote Control

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This module makes wireless control very easy! You can use this with an Arduino to give orders from a far distance using a 4-button RF remote control.

With decoding receiver board:¬†- Working frequency: 315M¬†-¬†Operating voltage: DC5V¬†-¬†Operating current: ‚ȧ3mA(5.0VDC)¬†-¬†Working principle: super regeneration¬†-¬†Modulation method: ASK¬†-¬†Encoding chip: SC2272 (PT2272, PT2294), chip compatible¬†-¬†Sensitivity: better than -105dBm (50ő©)¬†-¬†Output signal: non-lock (M)

Remote control:   - Operating voltage: DC12V (27A/12V battery x1)  - Operating Current: 10mA @ 12V   - Radiated power: 10mw @ 12V - Modulation mode: ASK (Amplitude Modulation)  - Transmitting frequency: 315MHZ  - Transmission distance :50-100M (Open field, the receiver sensitivity of -100dbm)  - Encoder types: fixed code