4000W AC 220V SCR Silicon Controlled Electronic Voltage Regulator

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SCR model: BTA41600B
Working voltage: AC 220V
Regulation voltage: AC 10-220V
power: 4000W (resistive load)
Efficiency: 90%
Dimensions: 85 x 55 x 38MM
knob inner hole:6mm

Note: You must connect to the load before the regulator.
SCR is mainly used for resistive loads (incandescent electric wire, etc.), most of the single-phase AC motor can, but can not guarantee, other types of loads buyer to confirm their own. Fuse is not a panacea, there is for REACTION time, if the current is too large, in addition to burn the fuse, the module may also be burned.
Attention to fitting plastic cover due to the installation of the housing, can not be completely open, screwdriver to tighten the side with the point, the other to be careful when opened, excessive force easily snapping the lid, express transportation may also crushed for wearing parts, but It does not affect the module.