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5Mp Eyepiece camera - Webcam

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This camera, connected to your computer with a supplied USB cable, is designed to be used in 2 different ways:
- in eyepiece camera mode , by simply replacing the camera lens with the eyepiece tube, your camera will then replace position of the eyepiece of your microscope or your stereomicroscope (adapters supplied) for use in videomicroscopy. The ocular tube also ensures a quality image without black circles on the periphery.
- in macroscopy mode you can observe, use it as a viewer , acquire high quality images or short video sequences(not requiring high definition) of your experiences. On its multi-directional tripod , small, light and stable, it will adapt to your experiments.

Its user-friendly interface ( in French ) will allow you to process captured or imported images thanks
to: - the fluidity of the image on the screen: real-time and full-screen display without loss of information,
- the settings of the image (brightness, contrast, white balance,...)
- the insertion of captions and comments , formatting...,
- the addition of a scale and distance measurement.

These tools are configurable and can be saved for later use.
These images can be printed, saved in different formats.
You can also make video sequences that you can save.

Compatible with the Picturio software