625-2RS Bearing 8x22x7mm Double Rubber Sealed | Premium Quality and Reliable Ball Bearing Solution for Industrial and DIY Applications in Qatar" – SMARTQAT

625-2RS Bearing 8x22x7mm Double Rubber Sealed

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  • Structure of bearing model 608: Inner & Outer Ring + Cage + Steel Balls + Grease + Rubber Sealed = 608 Bearing
  • Our 608 bearing is pre-lubricated with grease: The main purpose of lubrication is to reduce friction and wear inside bearings that may cause premature failure.
  • With nylon plastic retainers: used for high speed rotation and low noise levels.
  • Made of chrome steel material: The typical surface hardness for bearing components made from this material ranges from 60-64 on the Rockwell hardness C scale (Rc).
  • Applicable scenarios: For Handheld Power Tools, Air Conditioning Parts