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Adeept RFID Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi

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About this item

  • 1.Designed for Raspberry Pi beginners and electronic enthusiasts.Raspberry Pi is NOT included!!!
  • 2.A detailed user manual/guidebook(PDF) with 26 lessons and two versions code(Python and C) are provided, it is esay for you to learn Raspberry Pi and C&&Python programming. There is a CD ROM in the product box, all the files were pre-stored in the CD ROM inside.
  • 3.Quick-responding technical support for free.
  • 4.Re-designed case, it is very beautiful, and it is a best gift for children
  • 5.Raspberry Pi is NOT included.
This is an RFID learning kit for Raspberry Pi. An RC522 RFID module, some common electronic components and sensors are included.The kit contains more than 180 components and electronic modules,these components can be divided into about 30 species.We have carefully prepared a guidebook(more than 100 pages guide book of PDF)and supporting experimental code routine for you to learn. The guide book includes 26 experiments,and the code is divided into two versions(C and Python).Through the learning, you will get a better understanding of RFID and Raspberry Pi, and be able to make fascinating works based on Raspberry Pi.If you want to learn the basics of electronics and Linux programming, this kit is a wonderful choice for you.In the process of learning this kit, you will get perfect technical support. By learning this kit, you will be fully aware of the wonderful world of electronics and the fun of DIY.


About the Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Pin Numbering Introduction
Raspberry Pi GPIO Library Introduction
How to use the wiringPi and the RPi.GPIO
Lesson 1 Blinking LED
Lesson 2 Active Buzzer
Lesson 3 Passive Buzzer
Lesson 4 Tilt Switch
Lesson 5 Controlling an LED with a button
Lesson 6 Relay
Lesson 7 LED Flowing Lights
Lesson 8 Breathing LED
Lesson 9 Controlling a RGB LED with PWM
Lesson 10 7-segment display
Lesson 11 4-digit 7-segment display
Lesson 12 LCD1602
Lesson 13 Matrix Keyboard
Lesson 14 Measure the distance
Lesson 15 Temperature & Humidity Sensor—DHT-11
Lesson 16 Dot-matrix display
Lesson 17 Photoresistor
Lesson 18 Thermistor
Lesson 19 RFID
Lesson 20 LED Bar Graph
Lesson 21 Controlling an LED through LAN
Lesson 22 DC motor
Lesson 23 How to control a stepper motor
Lesson 24 How to use the acceleration sensor ADXL345
Lesson 25 PS2 Joystick
Lesson 26 A simple access control system