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Adjustable Infrared Sensor Switch E18-D80NK

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  • This is a collection of emissions and reception in one photoelectric sensor.
  • Detection distance can be adjusted according to requirements.
  • The sensor has a detection range, interference by visible light small, easy to assemble, easy to use, and so on.
  • Can be widely used in robot obstacle avoidance, assembly line and many other automated products.
  • Photoelectric sensor (photoelectric switch) NPN normally opens.


Electrical Characteristics:
I: 100mA
Sn: 3-80CM
Diameter: 17MM
Sensor length: 45MM
Lead length: 45CM

1. Production line automatic counting equipment
2. multi-function reminder
3. go maze robot
4. kitchen automation system
5. security anti-theft system

Photoelectric switch E18 technical parameters:
1. the output current DC / SCR / Relay Control output: 100mA / 5V power supply
2. current consumption DC <25mA
3. response time <2ms
4. pointing angle: ≤ 15 °, the effective distance 3-80CM adjustable
5. testing objects: transparent or opaque body
6. the working environment temperature: -25 ℃ ~ +55 ℃
7. the standard test objects: below the sun 10000LX incandescent 3000LX following
8. shell material: plastic