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Aluminum Alloy E3D V6 Bowden Extruder J-head Hotend For 3D Printer

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Product Description

Thermistor100K NTC B 3950 +-1% ,1m long

With free Copper Cap

Heat tube12V 40W,1m long

This 3D Printer J-head Hotend is applied for 1.75mm and 3.0mm E3D Bowder Extruder.

-Remote 1.75mm 3D Printhead Kit.
-Thermistor Humanization improved with DuPont head terminal, customers can directly install the use.
-Print head part of the unique anti-side leakage plug design, effectively reduce the side leakage plug situation occurred.
-Good heat dissipation, high stability, faster print speed.
-The mechanism that normally drives the filament into the hot end (where it melts) is located directly on the top of the extruder.
-The bowden tube pass connector and connect with throat.
-For direct feed applications.
-Suitable for ABS, PLA and other print materials.


Material Aluminum alloy
Nozzle Size 0.3mm/0.4mm
Applicable supplies 1.75mm PLA, ABS
Weight 115g