Analog Oscilloscope Dual Channel 20MHZ CQ5020 MCP | High-Quality Oscilloscope for Measuring Electrical Signals in Qatar | اوسيلوسكوب عادي متعددة القناة 20MHZ CQ5020 MCP لقياس الإشارات الكهربائية في قطر" – SMARTQAT

Analog oscilloscope dual channel 20MHZ CQ5020 MCP اوسيلوسكوب عادي متعدد القنوات

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.20MHz/30MHz/40MHz dual channel
.High sensitivity 1mV/DIV
.Wide vertical range 20V/DIV
.TV synchronization
.Z axis input
.Vertical mode triggering
.CH 1 output


MCP CQ5020 - analog dual oscilloscope 20MHz 30 MHz 40MHz /crt oscilloscope school


Technical Data CQ5020/CQ5030/CQ5040
Type 6" rectangle, internalgraticule, 0%, 10%, 90% and 100% marks
Display area 8 x 10DIV (DIV=10mm)
Accelerating voltage .9kV(CQ5020) 2kV (CQ5030)12kV(CQ5040)
Intensity and focusing Continuously adjustable at front panel
Trace rotation Adjusted at the front panel
Sensitivity and accuracy 5mV / DIV~20V / DIV ±3% 1mV / DIV ~ 2mV / DIV, ±5%
12 calibration steps in 1-2-5 sequence, x 5 MAG only CH1
Trimming ratio ≥2.5:1
Width of band (-3dB) DC(AC 10Hz) ~20MHz (CQ5020)
DC(AC 10Hz) ~30MHz (CQ5030)
DC(AC 10Hz) ~40MHz (CQ5040)
Rise Time     ≤17.5ns (CQ5020)
≤12ns (CQ5030)
≤8.75ns (CQ5040)
Max. Input Voltage 400V (DC + ACpeak) at 1kHz or less
Input Coupling AC, DC, GND
Input Impedance Approx. 1MΩ±3% 30pF±5pF
Vertical Mode CH1, CH2, DUAL (CHOP, ALT) ADD, CH2 inverse
CH1 signal output 25mV / DIV 50Ω 20Hz~10MHz(-3dB)
Sweep time 0.2us~0.2s / DIV 19 steps in 1-2-5 sequence
Sweep accuracy ±3%, ±5% at x10MAG
Trimming ratio ≥2.5:1
Sweep magnificaton x10MAG
Max sweep time 20nS/DIV
Trigger Modes AUTO,NORM,TV
Trigger Source VERT-MODE, CH1, EXT, LINE
Coupling AC
Trigger Polarity "+" or "-"
Trigger sensitivity 1 10Hz~10MHz 10MHz~20MHz 20MHz~30MHz 30MHz~40MHz
INT 0.5DIV 1.5DIV 1.5DIV 1.5DIV
EXT 0.2 0.8 0.2 0.8
TV sync pulse 1 DIV or 1V (EXT)
External trigger input Input impedance: 1MΩ±3% 25pF±5pF
Max. input voltage: 400V
Input X-axis: CH1, Y-axis: CH2
Sensitivity & accuracy 5mV~20V/DIV, ±3% 1mV/DIV~2mV/DIV, ±5%
Width of band (-3dB) Axis X: CQ5020: DC ~ 500kHz CQ5030: DC ~ 1MHz CQ5040: DC ~ 1MHz
Phase difference ≤3 or less from DC to 50kHz)
Axis Z
Sensitivity 5V
Polarity Negative going input increase intensity
Input impedance 20KΩ~30KΩ
Usable frequency range DC~2MHz
Max. input voltage 30V (DC+AC peak)
Signal 1kHz 0.5Vp-p square wave
POWER SOURCE 110~127 VAC±10%, 220~240VAC±10%, 50Hz±2Hz / 60Hz±2Hz


Instruction manual x 1, Power cable x 1 ,Fuse x 1, Probe x 2
DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT 316mm x 132mm x 410mm, Approx 7.8kg