Analog Voltmeter MS-402 MCP

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.Sturdy, simple and extremely safe to use
.High accuracy and reliability
.Combination of electonic and mechanical advantage
.Single switch for range selection
.Safety sockets and dual insulation
.Moulded, water-resistant casing

Technical data MS-401 MS-402 MS-403
Function AC/DC Current meter AC/DCVoltage meter Galvano meter
Range AC 10mA~10A(7 Steps)
DC 100uA~10A(11 Steps)
AC 3V~1000V(6 Steps) DC 100mV~1000V(8 Steps) DC 30uA~3mA(2 Steps) DC 100mV(1 Steps for shunts)
Accuracy 1.5%(DC), 2%(AC) 1.5%(DC), 2%(AC) 1.5%
Operating frequency 45~400Hz 20~400Hz
Fuse 1A and 10A Electronic protection 200mA
Accessories Test lesds X 2
Bag X 1
Test lesds X 2
Bag X 1
Test lesds X 2
Bag X 1
Technical data MS-404 MS-405 MS-406
Function Single phase wattmeter Single and 3-phase wattmeter Multi- meter
Range AC/DC 60-120-240-480V
AC/DC 0.5A/1A

AC/DC 60-120-180- 240-360-480V

AC/DC60√3-120√3-180√3-240√3V(3 Ph.)


DCV 2.5V~1000V(7 Steps)
ACV 10V~1000V(6 Steps)
DCA 50uA~10A(9 Steps)
Resistance 1Ω~1kΩ(4 Steps)
Accuracy 2.5%(DC), 1%(AC)

2.5%(DC),1%(AC 1 Ph.),
2%(AC 3 Ph.)

1.5%(DC), 2.5%(AC)
Operating frequency 0~500Hz 15~500Hz 20~400Hz
Fuse 1A 5A 10A and 1A
Accessories Bag X 1 Bag X 1 Test lesds X 2
Bag X 1