Antibacterial Filter 453046 | High-Quality Air Purification Filter for Healthy Indoor Air in Qatar | فلتر مكافحة البكتيريا 453046 للهواء النقي الداخلي في قطر" – SMARTQAT

Antibacterial filter 453046

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Antibacterial filter

Brand: Jeulin

SKU: 453046

The strong points

  • For the experimenter: 99.9% bacterial and 99.7% viral protection

  • For the equipment: extended life span by avoiding disinfection with Dakin

  • No ingestion of foreign bodies

Adaptable directly on the Ventilation sensor ref. 482 109 or on the tube of the human respiration chambers ref. 453144 and 453143, this filter ensures a double protection : - For the experimenter: used in single use, it provides 99.9% bacterial and 99.7% viral protection. In addition, it represents an absolute barrier against any ingestion of foreign bodies. - For the equipment: it prolongs the life of your equipment by avoiding disinfection with Dakin.