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Moments of forces 322014

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This device makes it possible to highlight the role of the various parameters which intervene in the balance of a mobile body around its center of gravity. Several experiments can be carried out: - Demonstration of the moment theorem, - Forces from masses or dynamometers. The forces can be very easily applied at many points of the mobile, - Study of balance, - Concept of couple. These applied forces can be: vertical (weight of the overloads), in any direction or orientable by pivoting of an independent metal arm. The device consists of an orientable rectangular plate provided with two parallel graduations on its sides. The line of zeros constantly passes through the axis of rotation. This scale allows the direct and precise reading of the " axis-force " distance by bringing the graduation parallel to the forces. To be completed with a laboratory support and a clamping nut.

- 1 rectangular tray and a perforated mobile - 4 pulleys on ø 50 mm bearing (shaft ø 6 mm) - 12 overloads of 20 g each - 4 overload trays - 4 dynamometers 1 N and 4 adapted clips of square section - 1 set of wires and studs to be placed on the mobile