"Arcade Joystick Kit 1 Player (PC to Raspberry PI PS3) Yellow Color | High-Quality Arcade Joystick for Retro Gaming and DIY Projects in Qatar | كيت joystick 아rcade للاعب واحد (PC إلى راسبيري باي PS3) لون أصفر في قطر" – SMARTQAT

Arcade Joystick Kit 1 Player(PC to Raspberry PI PS3) Yellow Color

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1 x High quality encoder board

1 x USB Cable

1 x 5pin Cable for Joystick

10 x Wire cables for Buttons. (The size for this cable is perfect for Sanwa push button )

1 x oem copy Sanwan Joystick

8 x oem copy  Sanwa push button

2 x 24mm Push Buttons (Made In China)