"Archimedes' Kit with Stand (جهاز قانون ارشميدس) | Interactive Science Tool for Learning Buoyancy and Displacement in Qatar | كيت ارشميدس مع ستاند للاستخدامات التعليمية في قطر" – SMARTQAT

Archimedes's Kit with stand جهاز قانون ارشميدس

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To demonstrate Archimedes’s principal. The set consists of a spring balance 250 gm, one aluminium block with hook, one lead block with hook, one glass displacement vessel 250ml capacity, one wooden polished block and one plastic beaker 100ml capacity. Complete with instructions. 


STAND PH10072S : This stand is specially designed for Archimedes’s kit.It consist a big rod of 600 mm length, one small rod of 200 mm, one right angle clamp and one metal base 8” x 5”.