Arduino Breadboard kit

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1. All modules come with a soldered pin header or wire, compatible with Arduino R3 and all computer operating systems

2.Especially with an acrylic holder to keep LCD1602 display, R3 board and breadboard together stably, easy to build a small experimental platform.

3.Complete Kit with R3 controller board, LCD display, Ultrasonic sensor, Power Supply module and more common components like Jumper Wires, Led kits, Resistor, servo motor.

4.Come with a sturdy box with dividers to keep the small stuff like LED, IC, buttons, diodes in the individual case. colour: picture colour Material: Plastic Package Contents: 1 for R3 development board improved version 1 prototype extension small breadboard 1 MB-102 high-quality large breadboard 1 ced outer packing box 1 SMD component box 15 LED lights red yellow blue 5 5 In-line resistance 220 ohm 5 In-line resistance 1K 5 In-line resistance 10K 1 Active buzzer 1 passive buzzer 4 Wear big button swit 1 1 digital tube 1 4 digital tube 1 88 dot matrix 2 ball swit 3 Photoresistor 1 adjustable resistance 1 flame sensor 1 Infrared sensor 1 LM35 temperature sensor 1 74HC595IC 1 mini remote control 1 1602LCD screen 1 Single row needle 1 5V stepper motor 1 UNL2003 driver board 1 SG90 9G servo 1 9V battery buckle send 9V battery 30 colourful bread line 1 USB cable 1 Electronic data CD or download by yourself 10 Dupont line only the above package content, other products are not included.