"Arduino Starter Kit for Grove | Begin Your IoT Journey with This Comprehensive Kit in Qatar | كيت بدء لاردوينو لجروف لبدء رحلتك في التنمية في قطر" – SMARTQAT

Arduino Starter Kit for Grove

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Multiple Function Sensor Development Tools Grove – Starter Kit for Arduino (110060024)

  • Comes with a great selection of Different Grove Devices
  • No Soldering!
  • Includes Grove Shield for Arduino (works with Arduino Mega2560 too!)
  • Includes Grove Cables
  • Prototype your IOT devices quickly

Grove is a modular electronic platform for quick IOT prototyping. Every module has one function, such as touch sensing, creating audio effects, etc. Just plug the modules in. No soldering required.   This Grove-Starter Kit for Arduino is an upgraded version of our Grove Starter Kit plus. We included more frequently encountered modules in this kit to support your concept buildup.

Part List

Base Shield 1
Grove – LCD RGB Backlight 1
Grove – Smart Relay 1
Grove – Buzzer 1
Grove – Sound Sensor 1
Grove – Touch Sensor 1
Grove – Rotary Angle Sensor 1
Grove – Temperature Sensor 1
Grove – LED 1
Grove – Light Sensor 1
Grove – Button 1
DIP LED Blue-Blue 1
DIP LED Green-Green 1
DIP LED Red-Red 1
Mini Servo 1
Grove Cables 10
9V to Barrel Jack Adapter 1
Grove starter kit Manual 1
Green Plastic Box 1