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Bernoulli model 243038

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Bernoulli model

SKU: 243038

Brand: Jeulin

This model allows the Bernoulli relationship to be tested using 3 parts of different diameters. Each has a measurement location for pressure sensors (not supplied, see box below). The included blower can be used in blower mode as well as in suction. Each part being independent, 12 configurations are then possible for carrying out and comparing measurements, to test Bernoulli's law and to demonstrate the Venturi effect. An adapter, supplied between the parts and the blower, ensures a complete seal.

Reversible blower (use in blower and suction) - 3 tubes of different colors and diameters, usable separately Pipe diameter required for measuring devices: 4 mm - Tube support foot

The strong points

  • Testing the Bernoulli relationship

  • Demonstration of the Venturi effect

  • Reversible blower included (blower / suction)