"BIODIVERSITY OF THE SOIL IN AN INCLUSION 575404 | Soil Biodiversity Analysis Kit for Scientific Research in Qatar – SMARTQAT

BIODIVERSITY OF THE SOIL IN AN INCLUSION 575404 التنوع البيولوجي للتربة في الدمج

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The strong points
  • 2 fauns on the same blade

Comparison of the biodiversity of 2 soils (approx. 1 m 2 ) sampled in Normandy. The pupils observe and identify the insect species characteristic of the mesofauna of forests (approx. 10 insect species) and cultivated fields (approx. 4 insect species). Insects in resin inclusion, very good quality of observation thanks to the large dimension of the blade divided into 2 distinct parts. Descriptive sheet for the identification of insects to download from www.jeulin.fr