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Bioreactor 3

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-The bioreactor 3 is an enclosure intended for the study of fundamental biological phenomena in Life and Earth Sciences in High School: respiration, photosynthesis, enzymatic activity at the cellular scale...

-Bioreactor 3 has the following improvements:
      - 2 tank volumes (10 and 20 mL): The probe holder can be positioned in 2 different ways and thus determine 2 different useful volumes: you can modulate your protocols to obtain best results.
      - A set of cover + removable metal shutters: During photosynthesis experiments, this set resists lighting, even too intensive, without risk of degradation.
      -A probe holder with elastic support: Specially adapted to probes with a diameter of 12 mm, its design allows optimal support of the probe at the desired depth. No more risk of descent of the probe, nor of shock with the turbulent.