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Brush for low containers 724180

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Brush for low containers

SKU: 724180

Brand: Jeulin

The strong points

  • Espacially designed for the cleaning of plastic and glass laboratory materials.

  • In polyethylene foam

  • Does not absorb water

Reference: 724179 For any types of cylindrical tubes (test piece, stills, bottle flasks, etc…) Foam thickness: 62,5mm Foam length: 75 mm Total length: 462,5mm

Reference: 724180 For the cleaning of low containers (bottle flasks, beakers, pans, etc…) Foam thickness: 62,5 mm Foam length: 75 mm Total length: 450 mm

Reference: 724181 For large neck containers (tanks, vessels, erlenmeyers, etc…) Foam thickness: 37,5 mm Foam length: 75 mm Total length: 412,5 mm