Capacitor Assortment Kit with Storage (0.22nF-470nF) (660 PCS) | Comprehensive Electrical Component Kit for Industrial and Electronic Applications in Qatar – SMARTQAT

Capacitor Assortment Kit with Storage (0.22nF-470nF) (660 PCS)

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Dielectrics: Paper
Capacitance: 0.22nf~470nf
Tolerance: ±10%
Voltage: 100V
Frequency: Low frequency
Application: Bypass

2A221 0.22nF 30pcs
2A331 0.33nF 30pcs
2A471 0.47nF 30pcs
2A561 0.56nF 30pcs
2A681 0.68nF 30pcs
2A102 1nF 30pcs
2A222 2.2nF 30pcs
2A302 3nF 30pcs
2A332 3.3nF 30pcs
2A392 3.9nF 30pcs
2A472 4.7nF 30pcs
2A682 6.8nF 30pcs
2A103 10nF 30pcs
2A153 15nF 30pcs
2A223 22nF 30pcs
2A333 33nF 30pcs
2A393 39nF 30pcs
2A473 47nF 30pcs
2A683 68nF 30pcs
2A823 82nF 20pcs
2A104 100nF 20pcs
2A154 150nF 20pcs
2A224 220nF 20pcs
2A474 470nF 10pcs