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CD4017 Counter IC

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The CD4017 is a CMOS Decade counter IC. CD4017 is used for low range counting applications. It can count from 0 to 10 (the decade count). The circuit designed by using this ic will save board space and also time required to design the circuit. CD4017 is a 'Johnson 10 stage decade counter


  • The supply voltage of this IC is 3V to 15V.
  • It is compatible with TTL (Transistor -Transistor Logic).
  • The clock speed or operational speed of ¬†CD4017 IC¬†is 5 MHz.

This IC is also used in electronic industries, automotive industries, manufacturing medical electronic devices, alarms and in electronic instrumentation devices.

CD4017 Pin description

It has 16 I/O pins.CD4017