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Colorimeter sensor 482083

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The strong points
  • Simple Quick implementation Ideal for an introduction to colorimetry

This colorimeter sensor allows you to easily perform colorimetric measurements. Equipped with 3 LEDs (red, green and blue), it measures the absorbance and the transmittance of a solution directly in a container thanks to its probe.

In middle school, in SVT, it explains the fate of food in the digestive tract thanks to the colorimetric monitoring of the enzymatic reaction of amylase on starch under different temperature conditions.

In high school, in SVT, it makes it possible to study digestion by colorimetric monitoring of an enzymatic reaction under different conditions (T°, pH, concentration in solvent, in substrate).

In high school, in Physics-Chemistry, it allows you to study enzymatic catalysis and the influence of different parameters (concentration, temperature, solvents).

Works with a Tooxy ® , Foxy ® or AirNeXT ® ExAO console.