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Coulomb meter 1080761 جهاز قياس الشحنة الكهربائية

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EASY TO READ || Digital Coulomb meter for use in electrostatics - Provides a quantification of electrostatic charge strength in a plus/minus range of 1999 nC with an accuracy of 10 nC DIGITAL DISPLAY || Display shows the number of Coulombs deposited into the instrument by current through a resistance, from a capacitor, or from a source of static electricity - 100V maximum USEFUL || A useful tool in various electrostatic experiments - Behaves similarly to a digital electroscope BATTERY INCLUDED || Comes with battery - Easy to replace by unscrewing the bottom screws FOR CLASSROOM USE || Simple design allows for multiple experiments to be easily conducted within a science classroom The Coulomb Meter provides a means of exploring and understanding static electricity and charge. It is a useful tool for electrostatic experiments and behaves similar to that of a digital electroscope. The display will show the number of coulombs deposited into the instrument either by current through a resistance, from a capacitor, or from a source of static electricity. The Coulomb meter has a capacitor connecting the positive and negative banana clip sockets. In parallel with the capacitor is a digital voltmeter. When a material is rubbed against the electrode, the capacitor is charged and the voltmeter measures the voltage across the capacitor. An internal circuit calculates the charge based on the measured voltage. An electroscope will deflect its vane, however, this instrument shows the charge digitally in Coulombs up to 1999 nC. Accuracy +/- 10 nC. Has a maximum voltage of 100V.