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Datalogger AirNext with 2 Pods

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-Very handy, it receives data by wireless link thanks to the pods.
Ultra-versatile, you can use its color touch screen to configure, save and process your data.
-In order to facilitate the pooling of data, it is possible to broadcast an experiment to all the consoles in the class or to retrieve a student's work remotely.
-Connected to the USB port of a computer, a simplified version of the Scientific Workshop, integrated into the console, launches automatically without any prior installation.


Technical characteristics of the data logger:

-Sensor connection: Wireless link with pod.
-Number of pods per console: 16.
-Number of consoles max simultaneously: 16.
-Resolution: 12 bits.
-Battery: Lithium polymer.
-Autonomy: > 4 hours.
-Power Supply: Rated Voltage: 12V, Rated Power: 15W.
-Connection: Driverless USB.
-Software environment:
- Mobile Scientific Workshop (mobile use).
- Embedded Scientific Workshop (connected use).

The Pod:

-The pod is used to digitize and transmit data to the AirNeXT¬†¬ģ¬†console .¬†Each console can receive data from 16 pods simultaneously with perfect synchronization between measurements.¬†Equipped with a long battery life, it can be used as a measuring instrument using the sensors with display.
Thanks to its integrated memory, it can also save values ‚Äč‚Äčindependently for several days.

-A secure system
Each pod has a range of 100 meters without obstacle to guarantee you new experiences.
However, if the connection were to be interrupted, a data storage system inside the pod prevents any loss of data. Once the connection is reestablished, the data is automatically sent to the console and displayed on the screen.

-An innovative measurement mode
The battery contained in the pod, coupled with the integrated memory, allows experiments to be carried out in total autonomy over several days, without a console or computer. Each measurement is saved in the pod. At the end of the experiment, you recover your data quickly thanks to the wireless link.

-Direct reading of the measurement on the sensor
The sensors have a display to read the measured value directly.¬†They are compatible with¬†Tooxy¬†¬ģ¬†andFoxy¬†¬ģ¬†and turn your pod into a multimeter with battery.¬†Thanks to the wide range of sensors, you have a complete set of measuring devices.

-Practical and handy
The small size of the pod associated with wireless technology, allows you to take precise measurements wherever you want. On the bench, each pod is easily placed around the experiment, which simplifies implementation and secures installation.

Technical characteristics of the pod: 

-Status indicator by LED
-Internal memory : 100,000 measurements maximum
-Battery: Lithium polymer
-Autonomy : over 4 hours
-Power supply: Nominal voltage: 12 V, Nominal power: 15 W

Supplied alone without power supply (compatible with console power supply unit)