DC Electrical Motor Model 6Vنموذج محرك كهربائي

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The DC (Direct Current) motors are used to power fans, windmills, generators, and so much more. This fully functional demo model is open, exposing the components that make the DC motor function and making it a great classroom demonstration. Just power it with a 3V to 6V DC (three AA batteries in series or our USB power supply), and it will spin fast!

It includes two built-in connecting posts to connect your power supply. You can use either alligator clips or bare copper wire.

See related products for a suitable power supply for this motor. You can either go with a 3xAA battery holder or one of our USB or plug-in adjustable power supplies.


  • Small-scale (2.25" x 2" x 1.25") open DC motor demo
  • Optimal input voltage: 4.5V DC (will work in the range of 3-6V)
  • Approx current draw: 1.5A
  • Demonstrates functioning of DC motors and generators
  • Great classroom teaching tool for physics instructors