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Diffraction Gratting (india) محزوز الحيود

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Finally, the fundamental concepts of Diffraction can be clearly observed and demonstrated for your students!  Attempting to show the factors which affect Diffraction; finding the correct slit sizes, manipulating different colors of LASERs, switching between gratings, even changing distances between the slit and the screen, has been traditionally difficult to set up in the classroom…  until now.  With Arbor Scientific’s new triple Diffraction Grating, demonstrating diffraction of light concepts has never been so easy and definitive.  There are three 20mm x 10mm gratings with 100, 300, and 600 lines per mm, mounted between glass plates.  Used in conjunction with a mounted red/green dual LASER (P2-7679), the students will be able to vary wavelength, slit size, pattern distance, even display multiple diffraction patterns overlays for any classroom activity, including precise quantitative measurements for your favorite diffraction lab.
  • Three mounted diffraction gratings, 20mm x 10mm
    • 100 lines per mm
    • 300 lines per mm
    • 600 lines per mm
  • Diffraction gratings mounted between glass plates
  • Viewing are 15mm x 10mm